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MP Bahar held a meeting with the consultants for the construction of city hall and servant colony

Tapas Chandra Sarkar, Comilla representative: Member of Parliament of Comilla Sadar Constituency of Comilla City Corporation, Bir Muktijodhdha AKM Bahauddin Bahar met with the consultants for the construction of Comilla Nagar Bhaban and Sebak Bhavan.

Comilla city building and service building (cleaning staff) will be built under the initiative of Architect Sangsad, a consulting company in the construction of a modern urban building of Comilla City Corporation. A workshop and meeting was held with the consulting firm Architect Sangsad on Sunday at two o'clock in the construction of the building. Comilla City Corporation's modern city building and two modern service colony buildings will be built. At the meeting, the power plant for the construction of a modern building was presented by Abdul Kader, an engineer of the consulting firm Architect Sangsad.

MP Bahar, the chief guest of the meeting, said that the Comilla City Corporation is a service organization, he said that I created the City Corporation with a dream, he said that the City Corporation will be completely self-sufficient and will work for the people of Comilla, if a modern city building is built, the face of the City Corporation will change, and it will also be clean. MP Bahar said to pay attention to the fact that the service building that will be built for the workers can accommodate the Harijans as well. MP Bahar architect thanked the parliament for providing a beautiful plan.

Comilla City Corporation Mayor Arfanul Haq Rifat gave a welcome speech at the meeting, Comilla City Corporation Chief Executive Officer Chamchul Alam presided over the meeting.

Chief engineer Gautam Prasad Chowdhury, executive engineer Abu Sayem Bhuiyan, engineer-officer of the Architect Parliament, other engineer-officers of the City Corporation, general and reserved female councilors, print and electronic media journalists were present.

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